What a long, strange trip it’s been.


“What a long, strange trip it’s been.” (Apologies to the Grateful Dead!) My life path and journey have been quite different from most. I’ve lived a blessed life, however, full of exciting opportunities to experience many different cultures, spiritual disciplines, and magical people. This is not surprising, though, as one of my animal totems is the frog, which is a shield jumper- the one who joyfully jumps onto many different spiritual paths throughout their life- experiencing and respecting them all.

From Transcendental Meditation in the 70s to Tarot to Buddhism to Reiki Master and finally Shamanism, I have been fortunate to experience a broad range of spiritual disciplines over the past 40+ years. Living and working overseas for 30 years in diverse locations, such as Thailand, Kazakhstan, South Korea, the UAE and Saudi Arabia,exposed me to different points of view and belief systems.I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience first-hand a variety of cultures and religions, ranging from Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and the post-Soviet state in Kazakhstan.


These experiences helped to shape my spiritual development and form a fusion of practices appropriate for the new age that we are now living. It took me many years to understand that I am a clairsentient, claircognizant empath.Clairsentient being a person who acquires psychic knowledge via feelings. Claircognitive,as defined, means that you have an inner knowing of things to be true without leaning on feeling, logic, or even reason. It means to understand, without knowing why, the true nature of any situation.

I knew for years that I had this ability, but I did not know what it was called or even if there was such a thing. It took me even longer to trust this skill and realize that I was supposed to use it in assisting peopleto find their life purpose and path. Now I understand why I have been given this tool.

If you asked me what I have learned in my spiritual development and what I offer now, I would say that my greatest strength seems to be in assisting people in discovering alternative solutions to challenging life situations. In addition, I also have the knack of fostering hope within my clients, as well as igniting an awareness of their potential with practical, down to earth advice. After readings, my clients seem to have gained a sense of optimism and belief in their life process and the limitless possibilities and potential that lies within their true nature.


People always ask me about my medicine name- RunningBear. The bear is powerful medicine and symbolizes wisdom in many different cultures.The bear isa natural healer and isable to provide guidance and healing on all levels. Moreover, the bear is the keeper of the sacred dream and thus able to enter the dream world and return to ours with practical wisdom. As for the RunningBear name, it means that I must continually chase (run after)my sacred dream to fulfill my purpose and find satisfaction in this life.

Although I have the medicine name of RunningBear, which came to me during a vision quest many years ago, I do not claim to be a shaman. I have had the honor of working with three different Shamans (Don Tomas’, Elie Hein, and Harley Swiftdeer- for more details see the link below) and would not presume to present and identify myself as an adept on their level.

Although I have acquired some proficiency in using Tarot, quartz crystals, Reiki and Shamanic healing, there is just so much more to learn, especially as we move forward into these transitional times.

Finally, I am so blessed to have found the “Red Road” Native American Indian teachings and beliefs which are a path of heart and connection to nature for me. It speaks to me and resonates in my heart.It is my home- my place of contentment and strength. I am committed to this path- a path of becoming a person of heart and understanding and one who helps others to achieve their sacred dream.

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Walk in beauty and may you dance your sacred dream awake!Michael RunningBear

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