Walking the Beauty Way

Michael Running Bear is a spiritual counselor and transformational educator with over 35 years of experience helping DreamSeekers and other people find creative, practical solutions for challenging life issues. He works with tarot cards, animal spirit guides, and the Native American Indian Earth way. He is a gifted clairvoyant and empath who specializes in life transitions and romantic relationships. In addition, he is also a Reiki Master who works with energy cleaning and healing of persons and locations.  His readings are specific, genuine and designed to assist you in understanding your current life situation while exploring innovative strategies leading to your happiness and fulfillment. His primary purpose is to assist people in finding their true path and support them in walking “the beauty way” while dancing their dream awake.

Tarot Card for 2021

Let the magic reign. In these crazy times, listen to your intuition and be open and flexible. You have the power now 2021 has been a surprise if not challenging year for many, and it got me thinking about what might be the theme personally for this year as it

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Thoughts on Tarot

Thoughts on Tarot is going to be a series of essays geared toward the learning and access individuals can expect with the Tarot. (Please check back as more essays will be written.)

Tarot cards

“21st Century Practical Magic”

Why Tarot is an effective and appropriate tool for our times! Many people are interested in Tarot now and askingif Tarot cards might behelpful for their spiritual growth and if these cards are still relevant in the 21st Century. Good questions, and the answersareyes and in many ways! First, let’s

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Sacred Dream for the Future:
The Gathering Together Circle

My sacred dream since 1983 has been to co-found a healing, wellness community in the countryside that will serve two functions: a sustainable, sane and healthy community and an educational center for the healing arts. This dream will allow me to fulfill my life’s mission as both Healer and educator.