Michael RunningBear’s Spiritual Journey


“What a long, strange trip it’s been.” (Apologies to the Grateful Dead!) I’m a different kind of man, and my life path and journey have been quite an unusual one. It seems for so long I strived to be “normal” and be just like everyone else. Evidently, that was not meant to be! I’ve lived a blessed life, however, with the opportunity to experience many different cultures, spiritual disciplines, and magical people.

From Transcendental Meditation to Tarot to Buddhism to Reiki Master to Shamanic Drumming and Healing, I have been fortunate to experience such a broad range of spiritual disciplines. This is not surprising, though, as one of my animal totems is the frog, which is a shield jumper… one who joyfully jumps onto many different spiritual paths throughout their life.. experiencing and respecting all.

Although I have the medicine name of RunningBear, which I discovered during a vision quest, I am not a shaman. I am not a wannabe shaman. I am not a great healer with all the answers. I have some experience and have learned a few things through trial and error, but truly I have many more questions than answers. I have simply found the “Red Road” Native American Indian teachings and beliefs a pure path of heart and connection to nature for me. It speaks to me and resonates in my heart. And I’m not going to apologize for that.

The following comments and ramblings just acknowledge some brief highlights and significant people who have guided me along the way. I sincerely hope this helps to introduce me in an informal way for you. I am truly grateful for this amazing life- it’s been a thrill. My life can best be summed up by the quote: “I took the road less travelled, and now I don’t know where the fuck I am.” And … that’s ok.