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21st Century Practical Magic

Why Tarot is an effective and appropriate tool for our times! Many people are interested in Tarot now and asking if Tarot cards might be helpful for their spiritual growth and if these cards are still relevant in the 21st Century.  Good questions, and the answers are yes and in

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Card of The Week

Card of the Week: August 24 -30, 2020

What do we need to know to live in peace and harmony in the upcoming week?

The Star- #17 in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. Shine bright, dear, shine bright!

This is the week to shine for all to see. Let your talents and abilities be visible to all for you are a star!

Keep dreaming your sacred dream and believe in yourself. See that dream crystal clear. Commit to yourself and create the new life you wish. Listen to yourself closely and trust your intuition at this time for it will lead you on the path of self discovery and fulfillment.

Go for it, you beautiful star shine! Shine bright like a diamond!

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Card of The Week

Card of the Week: August 17 – 23

Card of the Week: August 17 – 23 The Sun!  #19 in the Major Arcana. Burn, baby, burn!  Burn away all the gloom and negativity and enjoy yourself. Lighten up and relax. Everything is as it should be. If you wish, find that joy again in partnership- whether near or

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Texas Tumbleweed

“The Face of God”

“The Face of God” The beginning….. 1974 Steve and Chris Phillips 1972 Chris called Jim and I up out of the blue late one Friday afternoon, saying she was in Atlanta and asked if she could come and stay with us for a while. “Of course, we said. You can

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